The Greatest Gift

Today I got a letter from a mom of one of my students. Her husband is deployed in Afghanistan and she and her son came to our district for what we thought would be one school year. Her husband will be coming home sooner than they thought, and they are leaving our district at the end of the month. She wrote:

“I want to thank you very much for teaching our son. You have been a blessing in his life more than you know. Going through deployments is not easy, but when he has teachers like you it means the world to me and his father…so thanks from the bottom of my heart.”

In the madness of scheduling an observation, doing assessments, and finishing up the quarter’s grading this small paragraph brought tears to my eyes. A colleague that got a similar note from this mom came to my room and said to me “If you have ever doubted what you do for kids, this should let you know that what you do is life-changing for your students and their parents.”

So, let them measure me with test scores and value added and zone of proximal development. I have far better and far more meaningful PROOF that I am valuable.

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